Our Story

How we started

As a mom to a busy body little girl, finding flexible, comfy and durable shoes is high on my agenda and I am not alone in this. Knowing the importance of suitable, quality footwear for little feet is exactly the reason why Tiny Toes Footwear came into being!

Searching quite literally the world, I finally came across a brand that immediately struck a cord with me. Jack & Lily shoes are the perfect climbing, jumping, running and walking companions for my little girl. Versatile, practical, quality shoes…oh…and did I mention adorable?? 

Happy Feet

The bones in a baby’s foot begin as flexible cartilage, which is why a shoe that is too stiff or too tight can have a harmful affect on the overall shape and potential movement of your child’s foot permanently. This can lead to chronic postural and skeletal problems well into adulthood.

This is why barefoot movement – especially inside shoes – is so important for your baby’s foot health. When a child begins to crawl, and eventually take their first steps, bare feet (and tiny toes!) need to grip, flex and twist so they can develop the necessary strength and muscle tone, while receiving the kind of neurological and physical feedback cues that are so critical for maintaining proper balance and continuous upright movement. Barefoot really is best!

But the world isn’t always as friendly to a child’s little feet as inside their home. Sometimes little feet need big help to protect them from the sort of everyday hazards and grimy germs that come along with adventurous days out.

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